Saturday, August 2, 2008

Oliver's First Trip to the Dog Park

Yesterday was real nice outside so my Mom and Dad took Oliver and me to the dog park. It was Oliver's first time going off-leash and he was a little hesitant at first, but he warmed right up. The Humane Society caretaker told us that Oliver had acted skittish in a play session with larger dogs, but we all thought he did OK at the park for the first time. Of course, he picked largest dog there to play with (a gentle but big Rottweiler). In this video taken on the beach, he barks at the Rottie then quickly runs away. Then he does another "run-by" barking. He was upset that the ball was in the water and the other dog wasn't fetching it, so he went in the lake (for the first time ever, we think) to get it for him. Like me, he only goes in the lake up to his chest, never getting out to where his feet can't touch the bottom.

We ignored each other for the majority of our off-leash time so I could sniff in peace and he could meet other puppers. He engaged almost every dog in a game of "chase the little guy" and I was glad that he worked off more energy than me. When it was time to go, he stuck pretty close by me and Mom & Dad when we're walking on the path. Whew! I was worried I might have to round him up in the woods or something.

I hope Mom & Dad don't remember how difficult it was to get me to follow them when they first got me. (Oh well, I didn't have the habit of piddling in the house like Oliver does now and then - I'm pretty sure that will firmly secure my place as FAVORITE.)


River said...

Oliver's a beagle. We hate to go in the water too. That's funny, drive-by barking. He does sound like a good little doggie.

love & wags,

Kess & Her Mama said...

Hi Gus. Was looking for your blog for a long while but each time I clicked on your blog log profile, I couldn't find your blog. I've added you to my paw pal blog list. Welcome Oliver! Hope you guys will be good friends. It's really good of your humans to adopt another beagle!

GusTheBeagle said...

Hi Kess (& her mama),
I guess I don't really use the BlogLog feature much. I added it to my blog, but don't even know what it's for. I'm a pretty inexperienced blogger - sorry!

p.s. Gus & Oliver ARE becoming good friends! They like to play bitey-face several times a day, but it's all in good fun. They truly seem to enjoy each others company!


Hi Gus and Oliver,
Looks like Oliver's dog run debute was a success. Dixie does pretty much the same thing - picks the biggest dog even though she is afraid and then runs around like that, barking a lot more than Oliver. Neither of us like the water at all.