Monday, July 28, 2008

I guess I have a brother now.

Well, little Oliver is STILL here in my house... and he has a crate next to my mom's bed... and chewies... and blankets... and lots of love and affection from MY family... and Mom got an extension for the leash so we have to walk together... so it appears he's here to stay. I guess I have a brother.

The good news is that he does NOT get to sleep in my bed (with Mom & Dad). He has to sleep in his crate. He also doesn't get to be on the FURniture yet - that's still solely my territory. He has to earn that privilege (by not eating the sofa or peeing in the the house or any other such nastiness for awhile).

Oh, and I hope he stops humping me soon. I turn around and put him in his place, and we end up playing for a good long time over it all, but all this activity is making me a very tired beagle.



Hi Gus,
Thanks for stopping by our blog. Its always great to meet new beagle friends. Having a sibling is great! I didn't like my new sister when she first came to live with us two years ago but now we are inseprable. Of course I am alpha dog and keep her in check but we love playing silly games together and chasing her is the best. I'm sure Oliver will grow on you if he hasn't already.

snoutbeagle said...

Hi Gus,
Yes, having a sibling is great and congratulations to you! I know it's an adjustment at first ... I went through it too ... but once the stalking and playing begins it's all worth it!

Have lots of fun but keep your chewy bones to yourself. I don't let Marvin have mine. He has to get his own.

Wags and sniffs,

Sugar the Beagle said...

Hi Gus,

I know how awful it feels to have a new sibling at first. I took a long time to accept the fact that my owner's decided to rear another dog just so that I have lesser attention, lesser love and lesser food!

However, I've slowly accepted my new sister and we try to get along well, though we still have disputes ever so often.

Sweet Licks,