Monday, August 25, 2008

OK, I guess having a brother is kind of cool.

So, it turns out that having a brother is not so bad. It's actually kind of fun. He's keeping me young. We especially love to play bitey-face. Oliver originally initiated the game, but now sometimes I like to get him started too. The best thing is that we usually don't bark when we play, so we don't get in trouble with the neighbors!

When we've both had enough rough-housing, we like to nap. We usually sleep "near" each other, as opposed to "with" each other, but every once in a while, Mom catches us doing this:

And we have a lot of fun on road trips, sometimes even sharing the same seat:

But the only bad thing is that Oliver pretty much freaks out whenever we get left alone. Our "people" started out putting him in his kennel when they all had to leave the house, but he freaked out pretty bad and they thought they would see if he did better having free run of the house with me. The result is that he scratched a big section of rug-yarn out of the living room rug and now it has a bald spot. (Mom didn't take a picture with the giant ball of rug-yarn all piled up. She just clipped it all off and this is the result.) I'm pretty sure this kind of behavior will continue to secure my place in the home as FAVORITE.


Kess And Her Mama said...

You boys look great together!

River said...

Beagles, you know, can't have just one!! We're best as two or more. You boys look very happy together and comfortable. I hope Oliver learns not to destroy the house.

love & wags,

Sugar the Beagle said...

Hi Gus,

Glad to know that both you and Oliver are getting on better.

I used to have separation anxiety too, and ensure that my humans come back home to a horrible mess. However, I grew out of it after a year or so (Yeah, it sure was long).

Maybe you will like to guide Oliver along and keep him occupied while your humans are out, so he's less upset about it.

Sweet Licks,


Hi Gus,
This story sounds just like our case. When mum and dad got Dixie I was annoyed at first but then I started to get all puppy like and active again. I also started to instigate the rough and tumble play which we still enjoy every single day!! We also sleep next to each other like that a lot of the time. When Dixie was younger and left alone she always managed to chew up something she was not supposed to. Even now if we are left too long she will have a go at something!
Enjoy your little brother.


P.S. We've given you an award so pop by our blog to pick it up.

Dughallmor Beagles said...

Ditto Alfie & Snoop, best buds now! Lovely blog and great photos!