Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Long Time, No Blog - Time to Catch Up!

Whoa, I've been so busy with my new little brother Oliver that I have forgotten to blog. Plus, my mama started a full-time job right around the time of my last blog (purely coincidental - I'm sure we're still her highest priority). Anyway, here's what we've been up to lately...

Oliver's favorite flavor is brown leather. He has eaten every pair of brown leather sandals Mama owns. The first to go were her favorite Naturalizers which she wore daily all summer long. She replaced them with another pair and he ate those, too. Yum. Then a third pair, and finally she gave up on trying to find the perfect brown sandal since it was close to the end of the season anyway. Since it was still nice out (early fall), Mama just switched to her less favorite light tan sandals - they were delicious as well. During those last few days of good weather, she finally resorted to a pair of brown sandals she hated - they were pretty ugly and never very comfortable, but the sandal budget had been completely blown out of the water by that time of year. He found that even the ugly, uncomfortable brown shoes made a perfect dessert.

Don't get me wrong, Oliver wasn't allowed free run of the home 24/7. At that time, he was being kenneled at night and followed like a hawk during the day. It's just that, given even a second of opportunity, he would quietly sneak to the door, grab the shoe of his choice (ALWAYS Mama's - he doesn't care for the Daddy, Girl or Boy flavors) and create instant destruction. Can't trust the little bugger for even a second. Keeps my standing as "the good dog" pretty solid. Also, the teens didn't quite get the meaning of "watching like a hawk" and instead they would just send pic messages by phone to Mama during work showing the latest shoe-victim. One day he even ate a phone - completely out of character since there was no brown leather on it. The phone did, however, have a black leather case (another yummy flavor), but he chewed up all the interesting metal parts and the screen as well. That's when we discovered tables and countertops (in addition to shoe racks) are not safe places to keep items.

Shortly after Mama started working full-time the teens went back to school so Oliver, being a source of property destruction and potential financial ruin, was kenneled during the day. Turns out that doesn't work so well for Oliver either. Evidently we were blessed to rescue a dog with separation anxiety. Luckily for Oliver, Mama loves unconditionally and she began to take him to doggie daycare. Turns out, Oliver LOVES it! I've tried it a few times and it exhausts me (I'm at the ripe old age of 5), but he can run and wrestle all day and still have plenty of energy left over to torture me when he gets home. However, it tires him out enough that he is much better behaved at the end of the day.

Oliver thrived in daycare and Felix and I had our much-needed quiet time back. Life was good. He goes to Woof Dah doggie daycare and has a blast all day long. They have webcams so you can check on the puppers if you like, and the staff there has been wonderful with him. They'll throw a birthday party for your dog, and even provide the guests! They had a costume contest for the dogs on Halloween - here's a pic of Oliver in his bumblebee costume. (He didn't win. I would have never tolerated the costume the way he did. He was a trooper.)

I notice in these costume photos, that he is cleverly concealing the spot on the sofa cushion where he chewed a corner off. Pretty smart by blocking the view of his destruction with his cuteness.

Anyway, all that being said, Oliver is a pretty great little brother and I love him a lot. I've gained quite a bit more gray fur since he joined our little family, but he also keeps me young and reminds me of how fun it is to be a dog. I'm also teaching him about the joy of a good, quiet nap. He's beginning to catch on.


Dughallmor Beagles said...

Wow, you guys are back....we've been following since we started our blog, glad you're posting again! Oliver looks so cute in his costume, aww!
Slobbers xx

snoutbeagle said...

Hi Gus and Oliver,

Oh, I just love the description of the ongoing sandal destruction. Oliver is very persistent!

Marvin for the first time ever was exploring the basement while we were at work and found my very favorite pair of motorcycle riding boots I had put away for the season. I guess I didn't put them away well enough by storing them on a second shelf because Marvin ate the entire back section out. The only bit left behind was a tiny piece of zipper (of which I was glad!). Of course they were my favorite riding boots and they were quite a few years old but my DH found an identical pair of new ones (minus the beagle chews) on eBay. So my boot budget is now blown as well and these are stored on the top shelf.

Yes, these little creatures have it made with their floppy ears and big brown eyes. All is always forgiven!

Jackie, Diesel, and Marvin