Saturday, July 26, 2008

Dog Days of Summer

Today was the annual Dog Days of Summer event at our local dog park. Since Oliver still hasn't left our house, he came along with us. (It's beginning to look like he's here to STAY. I'm not sure what to think about that.) I got to play the "Bobbing for Hot Dogs" game TWICE since Oliver didn't want to take his turn! The rule is supposed to be "three bites for a buck", but I completely cleared out the pool and they had to re-stock the hot dogs before the next dog could play.

We also watched a demonstration by the police department's K-9 unit which was very fun. Those lucky dogs get to go to work every day! There were several tents filled with tables from different vendors with doggy-related products and services. Most of them were handing out some real cool gift bags, but Mom kept saying she was having a hard time handling two dogs at once and didn't have extra arms to carry bags. She did pick up one on the way out and there were TONS of goodies in there! Next time I'll have to wear a back pack to help her carry stuff.

There were more demonstrations and other stuff to see (and smell), plus we didn't even go into the actual play area of the dog park yet, but Oliver was pretty tired so we packed up and went home. He couldn't even hold his head up in the van. This little guy is starting to grow on me. Maybe we can keep him?!

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River said...

Oliver is a beautiful little boy. You really should keep him Gus. I think you'll have so much fun playing with him.

love & wags,