Wednesday, June 18, 2008

No Pets Allowed

My family has informed me that they will once again be abandoning me for a week for their annual use-it-or-lose-it vacation (timeshare). They'll be visiting Daytona Beach for the 2nd time WITHOUT ME. Don't they think I would also enjoy combing the beach (with my nose) and watching the sunrise? I've watched many a YouTube video of beagles romping on the beach and wading in the ocean - they all looked pretty happy to me! My family, however, informs me there is a "no pets allowed" policy at each and every resort within the entire timeshare system. Somebody must do something to stop this blatant discrimination, or underprivileged pets such as myself will never get to experience the joy of a Florida sunrise. (I'd stage a protest myself, but I have no thumbs with which to hold a picket sign.)

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River said...

Hi Gus,
I think it's a ripoff. You have a right to enjoy a Fla. sunset just the same as any hound.

I liked your hunt for the perfect treat-giving bank. Our water company has a box of treats where we pay our bill so we must not be the only hounds paying bills! I can be bribed heheheh

love & wags,