Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Long Time, No Post

Hi all, Gus here. I realize I have been lax in my postings as of late. I have a perfectly good excuse. It has become my full-time evening job to hunt (and eat!) June Bugs. Even from inside, I love to listen to them slam against the glass door, taunting me to come find them. Please mama, let me out!!!  (Note doggy and kitty nose prints on both the inside AND outside of the glass - neither of us can ever decide which side we prefer.  I think we'd both rather have no silly door at all.)

Anyway, the evening June Bug vigil has left me exhausted during the day, and I've been too pooped to post.

I've also been making frequent trips to the dog park. Here's a pic of a funny little friend I met on a recent visit - his nose has nothing on mine, but he sure was cute!

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