Friday, June 27, 2008

Bumper Crop

We've had a bumper crop of birch seeds this year. This photo and video are from AFTER Dad actually VACUUMED the back yard patio.  Felix loves to roll in the seeds so he can gather them all up and deposit them in Mom & Dad's bed. They really appreciate it. Mom also appreciates all of the extra sweeping and vacuuming around the house, and the increased frequency of rug-washing. (But in the absence of seeds to roll in, he chooses dirt or sand. We're not sure which is worse.) Yeah! Thank you, Felix, for the extra housework!


River said...

Birch seeds look awful. Poor Felix having to stay out--my mom does the same thing. As long as the weather is nice and we want to stay out she leaves us outside. Sometimes we're muddy, too, so she lets us dry outside. She doesn't like extra housework either!

love & wags,

GusTheBeagle said...

Hey, River, thanks for visiting my blog. If I go into the lake at the dog park my mom won't let me inside either. She keeps old towels in the van so we're always ready. I hate having my paws cleaned, though. (She gave up on the dog hair & cat fur a long time ago.)