Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Update on the dog-treat success rate at our local bank... (See "Shafted Again" blog entry.) TCF has greatly improved their success rate now that my mom lets me stick half my body out the window while her banking transaction is being processed. It may not be polite or dignified, but it works! Yippee! Score one for the beagle!


Kess & her mama said...

Hi Gus,
Thanks for dropping by. It's great to meet new pals on-line and to learn about how other beagles live in the different parts of the world. At my home, dogs aren't allowed in most public places. So, going to the drive-in bank with my mum is not do-able at all. :-(

GusTheBeagle said...

The drive-in bank isn't exactly public. He doesn't get out of the car!

snoutbeagle said...

Hi Gus!

We wish we could go to your banks in your car. We're always crated in the car, although we did get treats from Walgreens drive-thru pharmacy once because the nice lady saw dog crates!

As for us, we hound the mailman for treats when we see him on his route during our lunchtime walk. Don't even try to hold us back! He has big dog sized treats too. Yum!

Wags and sniffs,
Diesel and Marvin