Saturday, March 15, 2008

Shafted Again!

Hi all,

Just wanted to report a horrible trend I've been noticing. As many of you know, one of my favorite parts of the day is errand time when we get to go to the bank. My mama sometimes has as many as THREE bank stops and I look forward to every one. So far Provincial Bank has had a 100% success rate in remembering to provide me a treat at the drive-up. Wells Fargo Bank is doing pretty good at around 85-90%. TCF Bank, however, has shafted me several times, even though I stick my head out the window and cock it back and forth when I hear the "tube" whoosh out toward our car. I have been extremely disappointed, as this is where my mama does almost all of her banking. I'm petitioning pretty hard to get her to switch over to one with a better dog-treat success rate (they're barely hanging in there with less than 50%). If anyone reading this works at TCF Bank, please let them know that my family has both business accounts and personal accounts which are in jeopardy of being switched to another bank, because I hold a lot of clout in this house and if the beagle ain't happy, ain't no-one happy.

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Pigs said...

Wow! I've got to get in on this gig! I'm only allowed to ride in the car to the dry cleaners and they don't give anything! Gotta go talk to mom about the bank.
Your new friend,
Gus the Beagle in Texas