Saturday, June 5, 2010


Well, it's been pretty boring around the house with both of the people we own working full time. We get pretty bored around here and want to try something new, so we now have signed up for geocaching! It was raining most of the day so Mama and Dad tried a couple indoor ones without us. (At the Mall of America.)

The sun finally peeked out of the clouds for a VERY short while just before setting so we then headed to the park for the cache closest to our home. We sniffed and sniffed but could not find it! We found where it should have been, but simply could not find the container. We'll keep trying - hound dogs should be experts at finding things! Maybe we'll go back with fresh eyes (and noses) tomorrow, or try some other caches.

We did find a dead bird in the bushes nearby - our favorite! But, alas, the people kept the leashes too short to allow for a good roll in the carcass. They simply don't know what great fun they're missing!

Hopefully this new hobby will help to keep Oliver's mind off his latest obsession - all the neighborhood rabbits who like to taunt him from just outside the window when he's stuck inside, or from just outside the fence when he's outside playing. He has literally gone insane and our humans think he should be institutionalized (or highly medicated). We'll see how it goes. We can't even walk together any more without him getting all hyper - jumping and barking like a rabid animal. Some neighbors commented on our walk to the park tonight that it sounded like he was being tortured. It really wasn't fun for any of us. We'd capture it on video for your viewing pleasure, but it's just too shameful. Please pray for his sanity (and ours).

Missed you all!



Here's Oliver and I looking about for our first cache - couldn't find it anywhere!
We vow to find it some day!

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