Sunday, February 7, 2010

Superbowl Treats for us! (And, once again, long time no post.)

Yes, I realize it has been FOREVER since I have posted on this blog. Alas, since beagles have no thumbs (or typing skills, for that matter), we are slave to Mom's schedule. She claims she has had priorities last year other than helping us keep our blog up to date... Trivial matters such as a daughter graduating from high school and a son's confirmation... No mention of us poor, neglected beagles for several months. WHAT? Well, she has promised to make herself available to take our dictation on a more frequent basis.

Dad & Mom had their annual Superbowl party tonight, so lots of yummy treats for me and Oliver! Yippee!!! Our visitors are getting better at following our family's rules about not giving us food, but there are still lots of "happy accidents". The best was when Mom was cleaning up after the party. She dropped a big serving spoon half full of ground turkey meat (sloppy joe) on the floor and it splattered EVERYWHERE. Oliver and I, always on-call for clean-up duty, skillfully lapped up the floor, the cabinet doors and the front of the stove. S C O R E ! ! !

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