Thursday, October 11, 2007

Welcome to my World

Ok, so I moved in here 3 years ago and I'm just getting around to starting this blog, but hey, my new family here has had no luck in teaching me how to use the computer until now. (Plus, I was only 1 then - now I'm 4 and much more computer literate.) My new family says I was such a naughty beagle when I first came home, getting into "their" food and everything. But it took me a while to teach them that if there was any possible way of me getting into "their" food, it would become "my" food. I taught them that none of Dad's cabinetmaking skills were a match for my nose and brain, and that every latch he could conceive of for the garbage roll-out would be easily defeated by my cunning. (A "child safety" latch not requiring opposable thumbs? Come on, give me a real challenge.) After many, many tries he has finally figured it out, but I still manage to defeat it occasionally. Score 1 for the dad, 100+ for the beagle.

Anyway, I went to school at the Humane Society with my mom to learn "manners". She was pretty sure we'd be expelled after the first couple of sessions (the instructor didn't care for my beautiful singing), but Mom insisted we keep going. And I graduated (Most Improved Student). Here's me in the ridiculous graduation cap we all had to wear.

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Carol said...

that is so cool gus mabey you could teach cody beagle to roll over! great hope to hear more thanks, beagle kisses to ya