Thursday, October 11, 2007

Meet (part of) My Family

I have to admit it's not so bad having a cat for a brother. (But don't tell the guys at the dog park - oh, the humiliation.) Here's a picture of me w/ my big brother Felix. He has been here for many years and is the boss of the house (or at least that's what I let him think). As such, I'm supposed to stay out of his food and out of his litter box. Well, that's the house rule, but.....

We do a pretty good job of staying out of each other's way at the house, but we often share the bed for a nap or share a nice spot in the sunbeam in our living room.

I drink most often out of Felix's water dish and he drinks most often out of mine, and when he's done eating I always clean out his dish for him (dry catfood residue, yum!)

We're pretty calm most of the time, but every once in a while we have about a 30 second wrestling match, wherein Felix always wins. (Again, don't tell the guys at the dog park!)

About the dog park.... It's pretty much my favorite place in the whole world (other than under the covers in the Sleep Number bed that I let my mom & dad share with me -- I'm a 60, by the way.) Here are some pics of me with my friends at the dp.

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